Founder and co-workers founded Nhien Huong Co. with the boundless enthusiasm for the aroma industry. Our professional staff with a high specialist knowledge and a wide understanding of flavors, we’re proud of the best consultative service and the best choice of flavors giving our customers a “ Nice aroma” for each product to make a “ Nice impression” on consumers.

Going through a long time-research process and co-operation with the world’s leading flavors - fragrances producers and the top flavors creators from Europe, Nhien Huong Co. have thousands of flavors specialized and varied for many different application fields.

Nataroma’s specializations are flavours for foodstuff industry (beverages, coffee, milk, ice-creams, bakery, candy, sauce, instant noodle, sausage and etc.) and fragrances for cosmetic industry (perfumes, detergents, soaps and etc.).

Quality’s always been our top priority. Each of Nataroma’s products will be always carefully selected, certified by quality control and approved before we introduce it to customers.

Apart from our available products, Nataroma also supply special flavors made from customers’ ideas of new products or improve present flavors on new trend. Let give us your specifications, we’re willing to  assist and support actively to make your ideas become a major advance in your business strategies. 

Nataroma is thankful to all of our customers including manufacturers, agencies,... through Viet Nam from Northern provinces, the Middle to Southern Viet Nam for being reliable partners to us.